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Founded in 2014 , Vesper is a drinking den and an Italian restaurant by Choti & Debby Leenutaphong, a husband-and-wife team of passionate foodies and restaurateurs (il Fumo Restaurant & Bar) and our long-time collaborator Chef Luca Appino of the famed La Bottega di Luca.  


At Vesper, we have two obsessions: serious cocktails served in an unpretentious setting and Italian cuisine with full respect to ingredients and traditions.  


Pleased to meet you.... 



The cocktails are drawn from the bygone era of Europe with added elements of 'spirit forward drinks', top-notch liqueur and precise bartending techniques.  Our current menu, 'The Art Book', celebrates the Modern Art movement of the 1860s - 1970s whereby artists like Picasso and Kandinsky broke away with traditions.  The drinks created explore and reflect the underlying meaning of each painting like the way the artist intended to communicate to the audience.   


Let our Group Bar Manager Palm (WORLD CLASS Thailand winner 2012 and 13th best WORLD CLASS Global) and our award-winning team (Asia's 50 Best Bars 2016 & 2017) charm you on a journey of all-encompassing gustatory experience.



We take our food seriously because we believe that great cocktails go hand in hand with tasty dishes.


Chef-partner Luca Appino (il Fumo Restaurant & Bar, La Bottega di Luca, Pizza Massilia) and Sardinian-born Head Chef Francesco Deiana work with quality ingredients to present you with unfussy, contemporary Italian cuisine.  And while adhering to the cooking traditions of various regions of Italy, our chefs also put their own creative and soulful touches to each dish.  Think Fileja pasta with five spices duck ragu, Sardinian-style roasted suckling pig, and grilled octopus with Venetian creamy polenta.  Bliss...



 10/15 Convent Road, Silom, Bangkok 10500

(Parking at Sribunruang Tower - Dinner only)




Mon - Sat 18h00 - 01h00

(last kitchen order 23h00)

Sun 18h00 - 24h00 (last kithen order 22h30)


Mon - Fri 12h00 - 14h30



Tel. +66 (0) 2 235 2777, +66 (0) 81 620 8879